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    Who We Are
    Internet and You (I & U) Education is the leading provider of a comprehensive set of internet coaching and related training programs. The privately owned School was founded in 2011 by Gordon Cho Yaw Guan. Gordon  Cho was a visionary Certified International Certified Ecommerce Consultant and author of “Internet and You - an powerful impact course that change life”. Internet and You (I & U) Education has grown exponentially over 1 year to become the training industry’s most successful and widely used Internet curriculum and development programs. Its key - and still unique - feature is its ongoing reinforcement of "Internet and You" core teachings. Through continued support and follow-up workshop sessions, Internet and You (I & U) Education transforms the Internet culture of organizations, whether they are a Fortune 500 with two thousand salespeople around the globe, or a small business with just four reps.

    What We Do
    Internet and You (I & U) Education is based on practical Internet workshops training. Changing people’s attitudes and behaviors and their total mastery of a new Internet methodology is not a “quick fix” solution that happens in a one-day seminar or an eight-week course. Producing lasting change in people only comes about through ongoing reinforcement: classroom-based workshop and discussion delivered every week.

    Using its unequalled internet network, Internet and You (I & U) Education solutions range from a single-site company with a few internet professionals serving local clientele to a global enterprise with thousands of professionals serving different geographic and business vertical markets. IInternet and You (I & U) Education’s extensive curriculum covers Internet workshops, trainings, executive coaching and other programs tailored to individual client needs.

    Internet and You (I & U) Education is headed by Gordon Cho (CEO), Owen Tan (Director - Sales and Marketing) , Eken (CTO) , Christine (CFO) .

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