Internet Marketing Course in Malaysia

    Internet Marketing Course 

    make money online

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    Course Duration 24 Hours….

    In just 3 days or 24 Hours, what will you learn ? You will discover and learn :

    • a new skill
    • how to generate a second source of income ….  passive income !!
    • how to setup your very own on-line business
    • how and what to automate to provide more time to yourself and your family
    • how to be your own boss

    Internet Marketing Course Features

    This Internet marketing course is structured to provide high value , high quality and yet affordable to participants . Unlike other competitors who charges high fees for similar courses and workshops , this course is able to provide high quality and yet affordable due to the following means:

    • Trainers who are in internet marketing themselves , day in , day out and knows what happening to the market .
    • Teach only what is relevant today . We don’t  teach things that are no longer valid .
    • No expensive advertisement in the media  . Advertising cost is kept to a minimum
    • Small group per each session for better one-on-one and to reduce unproductive time as seen in larger groups.
    •  Real hands on.
    • Standardized learning concepts so that participants does not end up with unfamiliar problems holding up the entire class.

    Internet Marketing Course
    Course Outline

    This Internet Marketing Course is for newbies and for people who would like to learn and earn passive income, express himself, improve their business or gain better competitive age advantage in the Jobs Market through Internet and involves a lot of direct hands-on . The main focus on the course is on hands-on practical work to equipped participants with the exact know-how needed to get them started quickly .  

    This Internet Marketing Course Consists of 3 Courses , comprise of the following topics :

    Basic Course : 8 Hrs –> 6 Hrs Session 2 Hrs Test
    Ecommerce 101
    eLogistics(Spree/Dropship/Payment Top up)
    Blog & Management                                  
    Making Money Online
    Find Market
    Find Products

    Intermediate Course : 8 Hrs –> 6 Hrs Session 2 Hrs Test
    Create Products
    eShop & Management (Purchase of eShop is Optional)
    eLogistics & Management
    Domain Name Registration
    Sales Funnel Part 1
    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) part 1

    Advance Course : 8 Hrs –> 6 Hrs Session 2 Hrs Test
    Sales Funnel Part 2
    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) part 2
    Social Media
    Leads Generation
    Exponential Growth

    Internet Business Model Profit Map

    * Topics subject to change without prior notice

    Internet Marketing Course
     Who should attend ?

    This Internet Marketing Course is a course for everyone :

    • who wants to know how to setup a website either for themselves or for their own  business
    • who wants to earn some pocket money or 2nd income
    • who wants to be their own boss ,  learning and making money on-line
    • who wants to know how to improve their web site ranking
    • who wants to express himself
    • who wants to save the earth (Low Carbon Footprint)

    Internet Marketing Course
    Participants Requirements

    Participants who wish to attend the Internet Marketing Course must have the following items:

    • a note book with WIFI(Broadband) .
      Please note , not a netbook , ipad or iphone but a notebook , preferably at least an i3 processor . This is a hands-on course where participants will make use of their own notebook to setup their own web site with all the necessary installation  and setups required . Notebook will have to be WIFI ready .
    • a valid credit card or cash as participants will be purchasing domains and web hosting on-line if they do not have one.
    • Simple English or Chinese as the medium of instructions depending on the participants enroll .

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    Training Center

    Johor Bahru

    17-02, Jalan Permas 9/1, Taman Permas Jaya, 81750, Masai, Johor Bahru, Johor. 

    Training Hours : 10am to 5pm

    Working Hour : 11am to 6pm

    Kuala Lumpur - Coming Soon


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