About Internet and You (I & U)

    Internet & You is a experiential internet process that will help you take small, simple steps that will have an enormous impact on your Internet life.

    It is made up of approximately 50% interactive exercises, 25% debriefing the excercise, and 25% lectures. This is almost the reverse of many traditional internet educational systems – as that education doesn’t teach you how to really make money and be successful in internet life – all it teaches you is how to be a cog in the ‘internet machine.’

    Based on internet business , the program encompasses the big picture of internet business, the science of learning from mistakes, Gordon Cho generalized TVL principles, the difference between money and wealth, work on beliefs that support or inhibit your internet success, and finding your life’s purpose.

    Internet and You (I & U) - An GUARANTEE Course !


    1. At the Internet and you ,experts in Internet business will walk you through their proven methodology for making passive income online. Guarantee !
    1. Come in with nothing — no product, no experience, and no technology and go out with professional knowledge and products ! Guarantee !
    1. Know-how — and leave later with your own real online business. Guarantee !
    1. Get out from under your dependence on your job or your business that’s not working. Create an online system for generating income that you and your family can count on for the rest of your lives. Guarantee !
    1. A simple-to-understand, proven web store. If you can follow our time-tested web store operations, you can put this web store to work for you exactly like the one we have ! Guarantee !

    2. No geek-speak allowed. Our technology experts aren’t geeks. They are teachers first and foremost, who excel at breaking things down into the simplest terms. So you’ll learn faster and have fun! Guarantee !
    1. Internet-savvy coaches at the ready. They’ll be on hand to guide you every step of the way. Like your own personal help desk right at the event. Guarantee !
    1. Transformation from “Techno-dummy” to “Techno-pro.” Don’t let technology scare you. Gain the skills and confidence you need to make money online. Guarantee !
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    Learn how to turn your website into a Website that everyone can browse through Smart Phones ! Guarantee you can do it within Seconds !

    Course Introduction (Complete in 2 weekends !) 
    Fri/Sat,/Sun, Sat/Sun

    1. You are a business owner, self employed or a marketing professional and find it hard to find leads. The only way you know how to market is to spend HUGE amount of money on Radio, TV and Newspaper, or Expensive Roadshows. Then you discovered that it does not give you the Return on Investment, and make a loss or just breaking even through that marketing campaign. Then you heard about the Internet being able to market 10 times less with 10 times better results to generate leads and profits....

     2. You are an employee who has worked hard all your life, and you found out that your boss does not appreciate you, there is traffic jam in your routine daily job which increases your stress level, and you are sick and tired of being told what to do. You know you can have a better life. Then you heard about the Internet being able to help you make a living with freedom...

     3. You are a trainer who wants to brand yourself online. You find it so hard that you have to talk to so many people, play a lot of politics just to be turned down by decision makers who do not see your value. You grope around in the dark and you keep trying to convince others about your expert status, but it just does not hit the right people to give you the training job. Then you heard about the Internet, which you can brand yourself and also get to the right target market to give you the training job you have always wanted...

     4. You are a housewife or father who wants to spend more time with your kids, but because you are stuck in a job, that demands 16 hours of your 24 hours daily time, you end up feeling guilty neglecting your children. You may also have left the parenting job to your spouse at home and in that, felt that you are not a good father or mother or spouse. Then you heard about the Internet, which can allow you to make money to let you have a stay at home job, and take care of your children, spouse and family...

     5. You are a student in college or in high school and you have parents who work day in day out just to fund and pay for your education. You felt that you can do more to ease their burdens. You may even have brothers and sisters or parents you need to take care due to some sickness or money problems. Then you heard about the Internet, that can help you make some money to help your parents and family out...

    At this point, you are already open to the idea that, you are saying, "That's me... I am ready to meet the person who can help me leverage the Internet to give me or my business what is needed, whether it be more leads, more freedom or more time, please introduce me to him"...

    Here are the MALAYSIAN Person who can help you achieve your objectives and dreams....Ecommerce and Internet Practitioner Since 1996

    Followings are what you going to Learn

    • Introduction of Internet and You (I & U)
    • Myth of Internet Wealth
    • The Best working Attitude for Online professionals
    • Setup Team
    • Setup Individual
    • Project Briefing
    • Time Value Life (TVL) Concept
    • Internet Marketing

    Internet Markeing Modules

    Module 1 : Market Research and Product Creation
    -    Using Google Adwords Keywords Tool
    -    Understanding Search Volume and Advertiser Competition
    -    Using Additional Keywords Tool
    -    Types of Products for Internet Commerce
    -    Creating E-Cover for Digital Product
    -    Performing Research and Find Sources for Digital Product
    -    Create Table of Contents for Digital Product
    -    Conversion of Word Document to PDF Document

    Module 2: Web Copy and Conversion
    -    Components of a Good Web Copy
    -    Headline Formats
    -    Benefits
    -    Unique Selling Proposition
    -    Testimonials
    -    Call To Action
    -    Design Elements
    -    Autoresponder Sequential Email Copywriting

    Module 3:Traffic Generation
    -    Definition of Traffic Generation
    -    Online Marketing Channels
    -    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    -    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    -    Social Networks
    -    Social Book Marks
    -    Email Marketing
    -    Viral Marketing
    -    Online Press Release

    Module 4 :Traffic Generation (continued)
    -    Online Marketing Channels
    -    Blogs
    -    Link Building
    -    Affiliate Marketing
    -    Article Marketing
    -    Tagging and Pinging
    -    Paid By Impression
    -    Click Banner Advertising
    -    Vertical Search Engines
    -    Relevant Directories
    -    Video Advertising
    -    PodCasting
    -    Really Simply Syndication (RSS)
    -    Using Obama's Social Media Techniques to Engage and Communicate in Business and Politics
    -    Facebook Marketing
    -> Management
    -> Marketing
    -> Engagement
    -> Negotiations

    Module 5 :Payment
    -    Payment Gateways / Engines Available
    -    Buying Decision Process Flow
    -    Implementing Payment into Our Website
    -    Registering with PayPal and Other Payment Agents
    -    Adding Credit and Debit Cards
    -    Withdrawing Funds to Bank Account

    Module 6 :Tracking and Analytics
    -    Definition of Tracking and Analytics
    -    Google Analytics and other Analytics Engines
    -    Categories of Tracking and Analytics
    -    Implementing Google Analytics or Other Engines into Website

    Bonus Module: Tapping into China Market

    Again, What will you be learning? What's the benefit?

    - You will be able to generate leads and profits from Facebook and Google

    - You will understand Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing / Optimization

    - You will be able start your online business and market it effectively

    - You will be able to market from the comfort of your office or home and command more freedom

    - You will be able to increase your sales and profits and make money for your business, family, and yourself

    - You will be able to Joint Venture with the Trainers who has more than 100,000 in email list and database to jumpstart your businesses (subject to the terms and relevance of participant's proposal)

    • Internet Marketing Assignment
    • Setup a REAL Ecommerce Web Store
    • Operating a REAL Ecommerce Web Store
    • Lingerie Web Store Assignment
    • Setting up Smart DIY Ecommerce Website
    • Setup Own Web Store
    • Smart DIY Ecommerce Website Assignment
    • Setup Money Making Gadgets
    • Designing a Web Page
    • Mobile Internet
    • Trend of Mobile Internet
    • Application of Mobile Technology
    • Converting Standard Website into a Mobile Website

    Designing a Web Page details


    This  training session will give participants an understanding of the methodology involved in designing Web Pages. Extensive use of tools which are freely available and participants will gain experience of creating multi‐page web sites including hyperlinked pages.

    Introduction to HTML

    Module 1 : Setting up a Site

    • • Planning a Site
    • • Viewing the Site Map
    • • Creating a new Site
    • • Setting up a Home Page
    • • Defining a Site

    Module 2 :Understand The document head

    • • Inside the head
    • • Document title
    • • Meta information
    • • Adding scripts

    Module 3 :Making tables

    • • A simple table
    • • Formatting cells
    • • Positioning the table
    • • Adding rows
    • • Spanning rows
    • • Spanning columns
    • • Header and footer
    • • Cell content alignment
    • • Cell style
    • • Grouping columns
    • • Column widths

    Module 4 : Body text content

    • • The document body
    • • Content in paragraphs
    • • Forcing line breaks
    • • Quotes and block quotes
    • • Headings
    • • Emphasising text
    • • Text formatting
    • • Preformatted text
    • • Subscript and superscript
    • • Contact address
    • • Delete and insert

    Module 5 :Lists

    • • Unordered lists
    • • Bullet point styles
    • • Ordered lists
    • • Numbering styles
    • • Horizontal rule

    Module 6 : Hyperlinks

    • • Creating hyperlinks
    • • Link to element
    • • Images as hyperlinks

    Module 7 : Embedding contents

    • • Add an image
    • • Embed an image object
    • • Embed a HTML object
    • • Embedding multimedia

    Module 8 : Working with Images

    • • Web Image Overview
    • • Using Images Effectively
    • • Inserting Images
    • • Image Properties
    • • Resizing Images
    • • Aligning Images & Text

    Module 9 : Working with internet tools : Creating forms

    • • Working with Internet tools
      • A simple form
    • • Submission information

    Module 10 : Publishing

    • • Uploading a Site
    • • Getting & Putting File


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