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[ 01-01-1970 ]


创业平台互联网商学院是以企业经营为核心,运用现代科技手段集多种培训方式于一体,创建虚拟化的网上连锁企业学习基地,它以构筑企业全员培训体系为基础,通过企业文化的导入和企业学习习惯的培育,形成企业知识管理、人才再造、市场竞争的智力平台, 最终成为实现企业战略发展的有力武器。

创业平台互联网商学院是创业平台多年行业经验与多位企业管理培训专家共同智慧结晶,它 是马来西亚目前管理最系统、功能最完善、资源最丰富的互联网商学院。它结合马来西亚企业实际情况,符合企业员工学习需求,结合互联网与学习管理软件的双重优势,全新打造了国内最具权威、学习效率最高、使用最方便的高效连锁企业培训平台!为企业全员学习、不间断学习、建立企业自己的商学院、建立学习型组 织、提升企业的核心竞争能力、提供了最适合的平台。

Entrepreneur Platform Internet Business School is jointly formed by domestic and foreign companies  to help individuals and companies build learning resources and provide a good learning platform.

Internet Business School as its core business, uses modern technology to collect a variety of training methods in one, creating a virtual online learning sites, through corporate culture into Training and enterprise learning habits, the formation of enterprise knowledge management, human resources and recycling, market competition, the intellectual platform for enterprise strategy development eventually become a powerful weapon.

Internet Business School is a  innovation platform by  experienced corporate experts, it is currently the most resource-rich Internet Business School in Malaysia. It combines the actual situation of enterprises in Malaysia, in line with the learning needs of employees, combined with the Internet and learning management software thus provide the most efficient
learning , most convenient and efficient to use training platform!

It is useful for the enterprise learning, continuous learning, the establishment of the enterprise's own business school, the establishment of a learning organization to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, providing the most suitable platform.


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