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    InfoBlast  - Personalized Email and SMS Marketing Software with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    For CRM - you can manage all your contacts(remind yourself to follow up, to email, to call etc) using the software. What ever you do to the client, the software will log it.

    The software allow :

    - you to blast attractive emails without being blocked , eg 100 emails at 1 time (normally without this software, you won't be able to send thru if u send to many people at 1 time).  Maximum number of emails per day to be email out depends on your email supplier. For eg. gmail only allow max 500 emails daily to be send out.

    - you to send egreetings and happy birthday to your clients. The software will automatic remind you the client's birthday.

    This is not all,

    - you can even blast sms to many people at 1 time and check their replies using your existing sim card by using this software too !

    In short, it helps you to manage all your contacts at your finger tips!

    If you treasure your leads, this software will definitely help you alot till closure.

    If you need demo , let me know.

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