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    Gordon Cho
    International Internet Business Success Coach 国际互联网企业成功教练

    Mobile: +6013-7403390
    Email :

    • Internet Practitioner since 1996
    • Conducted Internet marketing and various other workshops

    • JCI Malaysia Information and Technology Commission Chairman 2009

    • Founder and President of Information and Communication Technology Association of Johor Since 2011

    • Technology Business Consultant to SMEs and Corporates

    • Virtual Events Consultant
    • PSMB Certified Trainer (

    • JCI International Training Fellow and Senator (

    • Seed Success System Founder (

    • Internet and You Education Founder (


    • Certified Ecommerce Consultant (CEC™from Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (The Worlds First E-Business Graduate Certification)  (


    CEC™ Certified E-Commerce Consultant is the Worldwide e-Commerce and e-Business Credential. The CEC™ certification is the global symbol and designation of e-commerce professionalism awarded by The CEC™ Board of Standards. Only those who have skills in e-management, e-commerce strategy, global e-commerce, and e-commerce and e-business marketing and have at least 2 years of experience and research in e-commerce and Internet management can earn the right to attain the CEC™ Credential. Founded in 1996 by the International Institute for Professional Analysts, LLC CEC™ has become the only global recognized Certification for e-business and e-commerce consulting, advice, and analysis. Around the globe, you can find CEC™ holders as executives, managers, and professors in the business and academic world. 

    Work with Gordon Cho

    for Top Internet Business Success Coaching

    One of the best things about building internet business success is the support I am able to give to others, so they too can follow their dreams and achieve the income they deserve.

    Find out more why I’m rated Top as an internet business success coach!

    However, because demand is high and my time is obviously not boundless, I do have an application process to qualify people who wish to work with me.

    Here’s the deal. I’m looking for serious people who are hungry for success. I only take on 7-8 people each month … so you will be sure to get my full attention.

    => Click Here for More Information & to Apply to Work with Gordon Cho

    I coach people who are looking for an internet based business as well as those who already have something set up (internet business, MLM/network marketing, affiliate marketing, franchise, small business) and are struggling to make it work.

    What makes someone a top internet business coach?

    I’ve had so much positive feedback on my personal coaching from new members in my own team (and actually some in other people’s teams) …. I wanted to ask you this:

    What will it take for YOU to rate me a Top?

    Support, value, mentoring and integrity are the essential ingredients of successful leaders and any top internet business coach.

    What will it take for you to join me, Gordon Cho, and rate me as a top internet business coach?

    If you decide to join my team of top entrepreneurs, here is how I will help you:

    1# – You will receive one-to-one personal support – you won’t just be talking to an “assistant”.

    2# – I am available via phone, facebook , and email for questions and advice. Tap into our extensive training resources and I will fill in the gaps, answer your questions, unstick you when you get stuck, and keep you focused.

    3# – You receive group training, team buddy support, private calls and quick facebook chat solutions.

    4# – I am a consultant & trainer on leadership , management, educational development, communication , strategy and marketing for many years to universities , schools and companies. I give value to others in my educational content around business, leadership, management, strategy, marketing and mindset success.

    5# – We have a dedicated team website with tailored training and guidance.You get to copy my exact strategies, customise my emails and content and tap into my lead flow so you can get set up and making sales within your first few weeks of getting started.

    6# – I am an experienced entrepreneur and online business owner, a leader who not only has come from zero experience to success but is still in the trenches marketing every day. Work with a top internet business coach who walks the talk.

    7# – I will work with you to personalize your business plan and to create a marketing plan that exactly match your current situation, skills & networks, time and budget.

    8# – Every marketing guru advises personal branding to build credibility and attract like-minded people to you. We teach you how to draw a crowd around your own unique value as an individual so you have a solid foundation under your marketing. (People will always check you out before they partner with you – they need to know you, like you and trust you.)

    Hope this helps build your confidence in me as your potential sponsor and top internet business coach. When you join my personal team, you have an abundance of support and resources available to you, and you can leverage with your own team getting started.

    Join Gordon Cho today. It is a decision for which you will thank yourself for the rest of your life.

    Contact me for your personal invitation to our live business overview presentation.

    Leave me a message: +60137403390.

    Email me ( ) or facebook me :

    You have a choice:

    Start to position yourself for success or Don’t Start and Continue on As you are.

    Help yourself to make that choice by first getting the information you need to make a clear and informed decision. If you are truly ready to live all of your best dreams, it is time to get started. Even the best business, best marketing system, best coach …. in the world will not work for you unless you take action to begin.

    Dedicated to your success.
    Gordon Cho
    Top Internet Business Success Coach
    International Certified Ecommerce Consultant (CEC)
    International Trainer

    Questions? Contact me online:

    facebook :

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