About Seiketsu

    Seiketsu Founder
    Seiketsu Enterprise was established by the brother and sister team of Mdm. Vivien Leong Wood and Mr. Leong Kai Choh. Both of them have formed a seamless partnership over the years, with the brother managing external business operation, and the sister running internal administration. Mdm. Vivien Leong Wood is currently the chairman of the board who manages the company’s administration system. Under her guiding principle of ‘moving ahead with time’, the company’s operation and facilities have gradually been perfected. Her warm demeanor has also earned her the love and respect of colleagues and employees. Her brother Mr. Leong Kai Choh is the group’s CEO. Not only is he a man of great vision and determination, he also possesses exceptional knowledge about the market, which has enabled him to lead Seiketsu Enterprise over difficult terrains time and again. In business, he has always stood in the forefront fighting shoulder to shoulder together with his partners and is an excellent example of a man of his words. He received the e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award in 2005.

    In Seiketsu Enterprise, everyone calls him respectfully ‘Leong Zong’, but he has always been modest and polite despite of his position. Mr. Leong is also a motivational speaker at the ‘psychology workshop’  organized by Peesluv Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Seiketsu Enterprise. Over the years, he has been to the United States, Taiwan and India among other places to pursue advanced psychology. While relentlessly improving his learning and knowledge, he benefits his business partners and members of the community by passing on his knowledge. He has said that one of his missions is to foster the next generation of leaders who possess a high level of spirituality and ethics. 

    About Seiketsu
    From a rented office not more than 200 square feet, Seiketsu Enterprise was established on the 1st May 1987 as a single phased direct selling business. Without many resources available at the time, but with unyielding determination of the pioneers did the company come through the early tough years. In 1995, after realizing that the old business model does not benefit all of the participating partners, Seiketsu Enterprise transformed itself into a multi-phased direct selling business. Finally, after many years of marketing experience and adamant dedication of its staff, Seiketsu Enterprise is on track to becoming a successful business.  

    After experiencing the 1997 financial crisis, the pioneers managed to revitalize the business under the guideline of ‘WORKING HARD TOGETHER’ by uniting the strength and hearts of the company’s staff. Amidst global lay offs and bankruptcies, Seiketsu Enterprise not only did not pull back, but expand its business to develop new products for the market, turning crisis into opportunities. It is this ingenious and bold move that revived the company’s vitality in the following years.                                            

    From 1999 until now, Seiketsu Enterprise’s annual business performance have seen increases in performance year by year, constantly achieving new heights.

    In 2005, Seiketsu invests millions of ringgit to set-up an office building in Ipoh. With its footings firmly established in Malaysia, Seiketsu Enterprise branches out to its first international subsidiary company in Singapore on October 2005, paving the road to becoming an international cooperation in the future.

    Seiketsu has officially moved from its original headquarters to Wisma Seiketsu which costs RM15 million on 4th August, 2010. With 5-Star decoration, spacious interior and complete with organised departments. Seiketsu is now fully prepared to increase business performance that will be steadily rising and frequently creating new heights. 

    Our Vision


    Economical Well Being
    All of human activities, including food, clothing, accommodation and transport, are sustained and supported by economical situation. When we achieve a certain level of economical stability, a healthy economy is relatively generated. Our nature of treasuring our monies proves to be a strong testament to our desire for economical well-being!    

    Social Well Being
    Society is in essence established by the relationship between people. A selfish attitude of 'only caring for one's own self' is an apparent ignorant to this relationship. Let us then treat others with kindness and respect, and treat yourself with love and care. 
    Family Well Being
    Family provides us with the most basic stability and happiness, more so as a place where one gains spirituality. If you lost this sense of warmth and stability, not only do you loose the will to work, you might altogether loose the purpose of your existence. So let us be more considerate to others and strive to achieve a healthier family for all.

    Emotional Well Being
    If we say that human being is an emotional animal, then the emotional well-being of a person is extremely important; Although the mind and body seemed to be separated, but in actual fact, it bears a close relationship; a healthy mental state can strongly affect one's physical health, so treat others with a kind and appreciative heart, keep an optimistic mind, think, talk and do good things. These are the source of a healthy mind.   

    Physical Well Being
    Your health is your wealth. Having a healthy body means you can enjoy your work and play; That is why we firmly believe that a person's health is more important than anything else. Without it, a person will be greatly affected mentally, economically, socially, even in terms of his/her family. Therefore, having a healthy and responsible body is the basic desire of every person.     

    Giving Back to The Society 
    Being able to live a joyful life and receiving great kindness from others, we as the member of Seiketsu Enterprise is dedicated to giving back to society with an appreciative heart. To take from society is to give back to society - That is how healthy minds and healthy products are conceived. 


    Corporate Education

    Award Presentation
    Award Presentation is the largest event of Seiketsu Enterprise. This event is to commemorate the most exceptional leaders and winners of various competitions, such as Crown Star, Super Crown Star, Annual Top Ten Sales, Super Ang Pau  and so on. Seiketsu Enterprise's Award Presentation have awaken many sleepy souls, and is the place where success is bred. 

    Caring Meeting
    'Compassion and Love' is the basic premise for the success of Seiketsu Enterprise. On the 1st of May every year, during the anniversary of Seiketsu Enterprise, a Caring Meeting is held not only to celebrate the company's anniversary, but to create deeper understanding of the company's history and development among the staff.

    Diamond Crown Manager Seminar & Training
    Diamond Crown Manager Seminar & Training is especially designed as a preparatory course for Diamond Crown Managers. During that time, the Diamond Crown Managers will be learning and vacationing under the most comfortable of services.

    Crown Manager Seminar & Training
    A seminar designed for the Diamond and Crown Manager as well as aspiring members. Some of the courses being offered in the seminar are sales techniques and leadership training. 

    Crown Manager Meeting
    This meeting is opened for all members while it is compulsory for Diamond and Crown managers to attend. Apart from the meeting, there is the very fun 'Super Telematch' with huge prizes to be won, plus other games that are physically and mentally challenging. 

    With avid development in our marketing business, Seiketsu Enterprise's daily operation has become relatively busier. Currently, there are 8 departments that manages different aspects of our business, namely the administration, customer service, storage, maintenance, transportation, internal and business development, 'Ahli Penasihat Pemajuan' and system administrative department. This internal training aims to improve the performance of our colleagues in all departments, so as to provide our customers with the best and most efficient services.

    Seiketsu Excellent Products

    Psychology Workshop

    Household Products

    Healthcare Products

    Skincare Products

    Cosmos Products

    Car Care Products


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