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    1 to 1 Coaching Service

    If you’d like to book a consultation with me, you can do so here. Sessions are in general 1-hour long. Basically it’s a free-flow format where you can ask me anything you want/need that will help you with your current marketing plan for business. General topics include branding, how to start business online, what are the marketing integration and how to create more visibility to your target market. To date I’ve trained over a hundred individuals, from business owners, entrepreneurs, career professionals, to even students to achieve success in their marketing aspect.

    Two consultation session which I conduct are social media marketing plan and social media launch manager.

    Testimonials from Past Clients

    Here’s some of the people whom I have helped in area of social media.

    Evelyn Samuel, Founder of Atheneum Commmunications Sdn Bhd,

    James Oh, Founder of Lift You Up Pte Ltd

    Elaine Chow, Founder of Infinitii Corporation Pte Ltd,

    Karen Smythe, Founder of The Vibrant Edge Australia,

    What I Can Help You With?

    Here are some examples of topics I can help you in:

    Social Media: Creating/Building Business Brand/Quality Introduction and Joint Venture – From Setting foundational pillars, Content creation, to Traffic generation, to Time Productivity. You can read of my relevant Success Story and clients that I have trained, which some of them are high profile corporate clients and received media coverages from online radio portal, News Straits Times Paper, and online press releases etc. Whether you’re a new or an experienced business person who are into social media, I can coach you on important strategies on what it takes to create an effective social media strategy to launch your business.

    And hence I have created social media marketing plan and launch manager for many small businesses for your benefit below.

    Social Media Marketing Plan

    What you get: Your Social Media Marketing Plan shows you how to start using social media to develop your business. A personalized social media blue print which tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve the business goals you want out of social media.

    How it works: First you fill in a questionnaire, then I do some research.  Next we spend about an hour on the skype where I will ask more questions.

    After this I go back and do some more work.  In a few days to 2 weeks maximum depending on the requirement of work, you get your Social Media Launch Plan and we go over this in detail in another hour on the phone (free of charge).  You will know exactly what to do and how to spend the time you have.

    How much it costs: USD 50 per hour for introductory package for first 5 people. Follow up will be charge hourly of 50 USD per hour. My normal rate for client consultation in 1 hour is 150 USD per hour, and will revise accordingly in subsequent after 5 person sign up.

    Social Media Launch Manager

    Some businesses need a little help in adjusting to the social environment of social media if they want personal support from me on top of the marketing plan.

    What you get: I help businesses to implement their Social Business Launch Plan.  I make sure their social media tactics are focused on their business objectives. You need to participate in social media for your business to obtain real business benefits. My role is only to get you started on the right track. And I make sure you know how to use social media well to develop your business.

    Example of questions is as follows:

    • Getting feedback and direction on an existing social media strategy
    • Building engagement and getting more interaction on company blog
    • Advice on creating a social media monitoring system
    • Advice and training on how to start a Twitter chat
    • What type of content to create on a company blog to better connect with customers

    How it works: This is a hands on job after you have the Social Media Marketing Plan.  Most businesses need 6 months to adapt to learn how to use social media and integrate it into their current marketing plans. Some businesses may need up to 12 months depending on the complexity involved. There is a 6 month minimum engagement and during this time:

    • I monitor everything you do and give you feedback my email.
    • You have email access to me throughout normal business hours.
    • You and I spend an hour on the skype or online chat each week to go over your social media marketing actions and how these correspond to your business objectives and how to integrate social media further into your overall marketing plan.
    • If any phone calls needed outside of skype for correspond, charges to bear by the owner.
    • Any additional number of hours needed outside of standard 4 hour on skype will fall under per hourly charges of my consultation under social media marketing plan package.

    How much it costs: USD 300 per month, with a minimum engagement of 3 months. The current rate only applies to 3 new sign ups person and price may subject to change if demand drives it.

    I’m also available to provide additional content creation services and web marketing services as required on separate fees.


    Sessions are conducted online via Skype and Webcam.


    Price are mentioned as per individual packages and the discount offer is only valid for 1st 5 people on social media marketing plan and 1st 3 person for social media launch manager, after which it will be raised subsequent to reflect my actual value as I am getting more reviews online.

    Prices are nett – Please do not request for additional discount or free consulting. Coaching/Consultation sessions are for people who are serious about making real change and apply effective marketing technique via social media. If the pricing is out of your range, there are free-content at the blog specially set aside for you.

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