About Virtual Events

    Enterprises are turning to virtual events to deliver their message to a mass audience.  Recent technology advances  have created higher bandwidth, superior video quality, and improved interactivity between presenter and audience.  This has enabled virtual event solutions to become valuable marketing and communications tools that have the functionality to deliver immediate ROI.

    The virtual events market continues to evolve.

    Several current trends are driving the growth of the web events market:

    •Significant improvements in video streaming technologies and available bandwidth
    •Travel reductions coupled with a renewed interest in green business initiatives
    •An increasing necessity for a global communications footprint with a localized experience
    •Improvements in reliability and security for SaaS solutions
    •Growth in Web 2.0 adoption

    How to Leverage Virtual Events

    1.Get closer to your customers – by understanding customers’ current challenges (which may differ from the challenges they faced when they originally purchased your product), you can create solutions, make your customers more satisfied and generate additional revenue
    2.Launch your next product – whether you complement your physical launch – or, do it exclusively online, the virtual event platform allows you to conveniently launch your next product online to a global audience – and, track all the interactions generated with customers, sales prospects and analysts/press

    How Corporations Are Leveraging Them

    1.Quest Software produces an annual virtual event titled Quest Connect to provide information on their products and services

    2.Lenovo utilized Nortel’s 3D-based web.alive platform to drive interest and product sales of its laptops during (and after) CES 2009 

    3.Adobe held a virtual product launch in Second Life to complement their real-world launch of eLearning Suite

    4.Trend Micro teamed with Virtualis to host an internal training event titled Trend Technical University in Second Life

    5.VMware launched an online companion to their physical VMworld conference, running on Jive Software’s platform

    How Corporations Are Leveraging Them

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